Aloha United Way has an obligation to help our community become stronger, more resilient, as a result of our work and partnership with nonprofit agencies.  For nearly 100 years, we have been committed to creating positive change in our communities. We have encouraged individuals from all walks of life to join together to create hope and change Hawaii’s landscape for the better. We do much more than raise money and distribute it to agencies. Over the past year we have been exploring opportunities to better serve our community alongside a diverse group of partners including  business, government, subject matter experts, nonprofit organizations, and families and individuals who live and work in our community.

We value every donor’s contribution. We carefully vet each of the nonprofit organizations that we fund through a rigorous application process to ensure that each is mission-focused and have the financial capacity to sustain their operation.

A Portion of

Dita Holifield's All American Rodeo 

Proceeds Goes to Aloha United Way